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Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam is a peer reviewed, international journal devoted to the study of classical Islam, Islamic religious thought, Arabic language and literature, the origins of Islamic institutions, and the interaction between Islam and other civilizations.

The journal is an annual, and at times two volumes are published in the same year. The average size of a volume is about 400 pages. The journal enjoys a high reputation and applies rigorous standards of acceptance.

The first volume was published in 1979. The founding editor-in-chief was Prof. M. J. Kister and since 1991, the editor-in-chief is Prof. Yohanan Friedmann. The editorial board consists of members of the academic staff of the Institute of Asian and African Studies of the Hebrew University.

The journal is international both in its readership and in the academic affiliation of its authors. It is available at a substantial part of the academic institutions where Arabic and Islamic studies are taught on a high level and the authors are among the world's leading scholars in Arabic and Islamic studies.

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Latest volumes: 41 (2014) and 42 (2015).

Forthcoming volumes: 43 (2016) and 44 (2017): ToC

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